Monday, February 9, 2015

The Wonder Of Blossoms....Hibiscus


One of my discoveries in Florida, you know the land of Flora, is the Hibiscus. There is another on this blog a few miles back that is my favorite so far but I really enjoy the beauty of this one as well.

In all their variety in bloom as I travel and see them included in the landscaping it brings a happy vibe to my day. They represent a kind of wellness. Like seeing a dolphin break in a wave on my morning beach rendezvous. I have my list.

Blossoms amaze me. When you think about the evolution from a seed, earth, water and sun being absorbed by the plant through it's roots. It grows a central column and branches, the bud is formed and grows outward and upward made of this delicate flesh that is silken to the touch, fragile but imbued with the most intense hues and chromas, yet has enough strength to push open it's protective covering, all perfectly engineered in sections purposefully designed to complete it's function and striated in leaf and petal, stamen, pollen all to maximize it's continued

I really like the color juxtaposition of warm complementary colors against a cool background and composition in this one. 22 x 24 inches oil on canvas. Sold.

More to come.....

All art copyright Alan Phillips 2015