Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Ocean And My Companion


This is a a work about the shallows of the shoreline of the sea. In referencing the title for this post (which is different from the art) it is a little bit from the the song with the words that, "I hope you still feel small when standing beside the ocean."  I believe from Lee Ann Womack "I hope You Dance." and indeed a song I sing to my daughter.

 I have never felt small standing beside the ocean,

You see the ocean for me has always been a co-conspirator of fun, adventure, mystery, healing, excitement, energy and magnificence. I have been pummeled, tossed, held down, spun and rising nearly breathless from her hold to the surface never for one second held a grudge. She is perfect and wonderful and I have the utmost respect for her wrath and superiority. But we have since I was very young been playmates and to my child's minds eye I was no less dolphin than my fellow bottlenose finny friends swimming a bit further out. 

Oneness is a state of being. I feel vast when I stand beside the ocean.

The Title of this piece is Garden of Dolphins. It is in a private collection. Oil/acrylic/plaster on canvas 30x40 inches.

More to come....

All art copyright Alan Phillips 2015