Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Breath of Fresh Air....


What a grand day this was on the channel. Any day that I can be on the water, specifically in a small skiff with a happy destination perhaps to pick up a couple of sacks of fresh oysters. Well, then that was a day of heaven for me. This day was a warm day in September. I lusted after renting that cottage in the background. I used to visit a friend there from time to time and admired the billowing curtains open to the breeze flowing into the space making it smell fresh and clean.

You could pick up oysters from the beds in front at low tide, catch your fish from the deck and she had a little veg garden in the back. Some perfect music, a few candles, a seafood dinner and watching the sun sink below the horizon was like a little vacation.

This one is sold.

More to come....

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