Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Playground of Marigot on the Island St-Martin/St Maarten


I took a trip to this island somewhere around 1983. Hardly seems possible. If I recall this scene was a grotto out near the end of baie rouge and a destination for me and three gals I met at the hotel whom I became friends with and had as playmates for the trip. Full blown hedonistic Eden was the order of the day, that and tons of sunblock. I remember Aleta and her fun loving laughter. Partying with Dave at Dave's restaurant was on the itinerary and hanging out in Philipsburg as well. It was the first time I had eaten fresh picked Mango and I am a fan to this day.

This is an oil painting 30x40 inches and has been sold. I loved the layering of the sand and the water where I have created a surface and yet you get to see some of what is underneath. The whole island  was a translucent jewel to behold. May it forever be so.

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More to come

All art copyright Alan Phillips 2015