Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Heading Back To The Beach......


The first painting above "Heading To The Beach" was the the first finished version of this painting. The second is with revisions. 

One of the obvious differences is that the second appears much warmer and has a more harmonious and balanced feel to the warm, cools and the varied shapes. The second is also a bit more simplified, has more movement, and emphasizes the point counterpoint of the composition in addition to a generous helping of depth. 

In most instances I feel a painting is good and stop. However that doesn't mean it is finished. More often than not I need to think about about what else is needed even though I am not quite sure what that is, yet it is an intuition that speaks to me and let's me know there is more to do so that it "feels right" which is different to me than 'looking right"  the first one essentially looked right to me probably because that was what was there.

What I advise most students is, paint what you think is there, what you think you see, what you see and then paint what you want to see. You see?

This is a 11 x 14 inch oil on gallery wrap canvas and is available for sale. Please contact me Alan Phillips at for details if you would like to purchase this classic Neptune Beach scene for your collection.

More to come......

All art copyright Alan Phillips 2015