Monday, June 6, 2016

Beggar's Banquet


There are many sights and sounds that delight and amuse me as I travel on my coastal journey. The character, the antics, the aerial dynamics that the gulls perform along the beach and tideline continues to fascinate me.

I really loved the warmth in this scene with the counterpoint of a touch of the blue reflected in the low tide wet sheen of the background.. Our fine feathered friend here lucked out and alighted upon a little repast of grapes and corn left by humans departing the beach.

This artwork is 11" x 14 " done in oils on canvas panel. The gull is a laughing gull which is the most common here in Atlantic Beach, Florida USA. It is available for sale if you would like to see it and add it to your fine art collection at and my contact information is

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More to come......

All art copyright Alan Phillips 2016