Saturday, June 18, 2016

Night Heron On Day Watch


This is a bird I used to see in the salt marsh in Westport, Connecticut in the United States a few years back. It was a rare occasion and often at dusk from a distance. They were generally shy and secretive.

This shot was taken while aboard The Mayport Ferry, The Jean Ribault , crossing The St. Johns River in Florida USA. I suppose the constant and abundant schools of fish would bring this beautiful bird out for a daytime vigil on the watch for fish. It was my good fortune.

I like the contrast of nature and man. Here the industrial looking gateway booth for the barge to dock while loading and unloading in contrast with beautiful Night Heron both organic and with the ability to be mobile and using the work of man to suit it's purpose.

One of the other aspects of my nature photography is my love of color and palettes. here we have such similar markings on both bird and bridge.

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