Tuesday, August 23, 2016

"Butterfly's Day Out"


Hi everyone. Yo Yo Ma is such a versatile cellist and musician, ever hear him play, listen to his recordings? I often pick up an unfamiliar recording from a favorite artist and see what discoveries I may make.

In this particular instance I saw that he was playing a duet with Edgar Meyer, I had heard play with Bella Fleck and love their rendition of "Blue Spruce". I also noticed that the piece was composed by an American, Mark O'Conner.  "Butterfly's Day Out" is an enchanting work.

Nature, children, musicians and souls among many other elements and hands all
conspired to bring this art, this magic to life.

While out one afternoon on my coastal journey I happened upon this scene with all the lovely wild flowers that bloom in the dunes, and who should appear but this 
Gulf Fritillary

 making sure that they would see another season. Mark's decision to name the piece is an interesting backstory...find it.

Here is another from my photography art series. I hope you will give the music a listen, it's on youtube for free. I hope you will enjoy my version of seeing it....and yes this is what I was hearing while I walked into this lovely rhythmic sight.

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More to come

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