Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Little Fisherman


Hi everybody! Coming into September and one of my favorite seasons.  Living in the South I don't ever quite get as nostalgic or melancholy like I used too in the North. I attach neither good or bad to this. The mood up North made for some excellent reflective writing.

While tooling around the edges of the salt marsh with my camera and hunting for magic I am often surprised but what I have yet to learn from nature. Who knew a gull could catch a fish, probably it's own body weight and make a meal of it?

I suspect that the gulls were watching the Osprey's work the river.

Here is another from my fine art photography series. There are many more views of my coastal journey for your enjoyment over on my website and I just got my Wrack Line, the newsletter from the Florida Shorebird alliance. If you are into the coastal birds like me it's a great connection for engaging in support and preservation of these wonderful birds.

You can find them at if you like sign up for the newsletter in this issue they have one of my new fine art photography pieces of a laughing gull...check it out!

Thank you for the gift of your presence here today.

More to come......

All art and photography copyright Alan Phillips 2016 ©