Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Come Fly With Me.


Did you hear Sinatra when you read the title? Quintessential in my mind, along with Chet Baker's Funny Valentine.

I envy the gull. It looks so effortless. Perhaps my day, perhaps I can choose to have my day go as smooth as this looks. I intend it.  It has everything it needs. The wind, sun, water, fish, air and beauty in the sunlight that is beyond compare with which to fashion it's days.  It has birds of a feather too, a flock of friends to chatter with and chase in the sky.

Here's another of my fine art photos for you to savor. You can view my paintings over at if you have not been yet. All you painting art fans hang in there I have been working on some new projects an will post them soon.

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All art and photography copyright Alan Phillips © 2016