Saturday, July 30, 2016


Welcome.                                                                    Alan Phillips © 2016

I happened to be dog sitting for some friends that live at the beach last week and those of you who have dogs know they like to get an early start. 'Lil Pup' is no different.

Perhaps it is the mad dash to wherever we mad dash too each of us in our own orbit that we miss another opportunity to marvel. In my case, that I am too busy or more that I forget sometimes what is in my front yard, down the street or what it looks like, smells like, sounds like outside of my daily routine.

This was a happy and joyful re - introduction to an early start of the day outside and a walk to the beach to watch our incredible life giving star rise up over the horizon and start the day. I know you know I applauded.

Go ahead. Choose a day this week. Get yourself in front of a sunrise. You will thank me.

Here is another in my fine art photography series.

Oil paintings for your viewing pleasure are available at please stop by.

More to come....

All art and photography copyright Alan Phillips 2016