Sunday, July 17, 2016

She's A Mystery To Me


This Red Tailed Hawk is a beach lover.

I know this because I photographed her there.( I believe it's a female) I had never seen one at the beach before. I have seen and admired the beautiful Osprey often in pairs working the shoreline here, but never a Red Tailed Hawk. Are they expanding their territory?

Seems to be a bit of Sea Bindweed stuck in her talon. When I spotted her, she had some kind of kill in the tall grass that she was working. The lifecycle is always present on the shoreline. Once she heard me she flew up to a higher vantage point and let me take 20 or 30 photos of her before she made this move from the roost.

There are so many kinds of beauty in this one moment. There is her form, color, markings, the light and shadow, the contrast of the blue sky and the warm tones in her body, the element of flight, the grace of her shape.

Birds of Prey are a favorite subject of mine and I have some studies done for an oil paintings I will do of this exquisite creature. It is a privilege just to witness this level of beauty. I get to make some art from this moment and that is a privilege also.

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More to come.....

All art and photography copyright Alan Phillips 2016