Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Magnificent Muscovy.

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These ducks truly amaze me with their plumage and character (or so I imagine). My research reveals that they are native to Mexico. This one is feral I believe. Apparently they are found in New Zealand, Australia and Europe. It does look like a tropical bird, right?

Now, forgive me, but if you wanted to dine on this duck, (say with some herbs, butter and garlic) it would be referred to as a Barbary duck! The Spanish I have heard, named this duck  pato criollo ("creole duck").

They are an artful delight to my eyes. They feature well against any tone in the background and I am really looking forward to portraying a few of them on canvas with oils. Muscovies  already appear to be works of art and I want to capture that.

This is another in my photo fine art series.

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