Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Coastal Legacy


Hi everybody. This is a scene from Mayport Village in Mayport, Florida in the Jacksonville area. These boats and the fisherman are what remains of a bygone era when so much of life was engaged in the handmade, organic, fresh caught, grown livelihood whether it was the farm or the vast ocean. I miss it. There seem to be fewer of them each year.

When I need to catch a glimpse of it I head out to this little fishing village where there used to be lumber mills. You can get you some fresh caught shrimp too. I would call them Mayport shrimp as some do but it is difficult to label them as there are many varieties. I get mine from a wholesaler and they are as tasty, rich, wholesome and flawless as though I had reached into the sea and pulled them out one by one. Perfect.

My painting of it here is a 15" x 20" watercolor on board.

The boats themselves are beautiful. I imagine they have seen so many adventures, gorgeous waters, fed so many families and could tell you outstanding stories of their journeys were they to speak. I love the lines, the patina, the sea and geographic related names on the hulls. Whether under way or at rest they are works of art to me.

Here's what I do with the shrimp. I put them in water and heat until just before a boil. I take them out, cool them down in cold water. Then I take of the shells and clean them. I heat a little extra virgin olive oil with fresh sliced garlic on a warm temperature until you can smell the garlic throughout the kitchen. When the garlic and olive oil are hot I put the shrimp in with fresh cut basil and cook for no more than two minutes. I eat them with veggies or pasta or in a salad. The way I cook them ensures that you will have a mouthwatering tender flavorful and flavor- filled shrimp every time.

Bon appetit!

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More to come....

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