Sunday, January 15, 2017

A Tender Moment In Larchmont Manor.


Hi everybody.

My painting is titled "A Tender Moment In Larchmont Manor" it is oil on canvas 26" x 32" The Manor was a comforting refuge for me when I lived in New York.

This is an isolated cove called Horseshoe Harbor in NY. Founded in 1888 The Horseshoe Harbor Yacht Club is still a place where you can find great camaraderie in sailing and the salt life in a relaxed community. This is one of the wooden launches that served as tenders of a pair that ferry members out to their moored boats.

Larchmont Manor is tucked into  Long Island Sound and offered beautiful views in all four seasons. Even in the deepest winter chill with ice glazing the generous allotment of rock and the gazebos covered in snow there was a special and breathtaking beauty to experience on a visit there.

Overseen and generously maintained by the elected trustees of property owners of Map 610 my hat goes off to you for your keeping this wonderful treasure intact and available for the public to enjoy.

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More to come....

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