Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Nature's Design


Hi everybody. These are a brace of Striped Bass I caught on Long Island Sound. They were just posing for me for a second and then I let them go.

This was a soft, beautiful moment. It was near dusk. I had the moon rising on my left shoulder and the sun descending on my right. I cast near the riff of the eddy near the reeds on the opposite bank of the little sand bar and BAM! These guys like to hit that fly hard and then run. I always do a slow easy retrieve as to not injure them. I was using a Gray Ghost in case you were wondering

Are they not just the most handsome in their appearance? I remember reading a biography about Christian Dior. Part of his process in his designs was to take a vacation or a working sabbatical and just spend time in nature often with sketchbook in hand. Do you think he would have found a new kind of silvery shimmer here? Perhaps he would discover a new kind of pinstripe, herringbone pattern?

Nature fascinates me. It is the design and it is in the engineering and the connectedness. I love this planet!

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More to come.....

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