Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Land Of The Loggerhead

Hi everybody. Welcome.

This is my watercolor study of a Loggerhead Sea Turtle.

We get our fair share of them on our shores as they come annually to nest here. They are exceptionally beautiful creatures in and out of the water. When I studied them I was surprised to find their are only 7 species of Sea Turtles on the planet. Most of them are classified as endangered. They are a fundamental link in the health of our marine ecosystem.

I hope you are fortunate and get to see one in the wild. Thank you for looking at my art today. is where you may see more of my Fine Art Coastal Journey. If you are in a related business like interior design or publishing reach out to me at I really enjoy meeting new people.

Thank you for stopping by today to look at my post.

More to come.....

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