Saturday, August 16, 2014

Atlantic Beach beckons.....


So simple really, a warm sunny path on a winter day in Northeast Florida. Growing up in Massachusetts we journeyed up to the cape some summers. Our place was in West Yarmouth. My Friday and Saturday nights were spent roaming around Hyannis and my days were spent on the beaches. Mostly I remember the huge dunes in Dennis. I remember the days were languid and lasted a very long time. They are the same here. The Atlantic Ocean remains.
It is as cool, crisp, salty and playful as it was when I was a boy. Who could ask for a better friend and constant companion running with me North to South and back again.

I relish the sound of the surf, especially on a day like the one portrayed here. It's not high enough to surf and not simply lapping the shore but enough to have that rhythm entrainment
and bring me back to center, you know it's a time where I just let the sun, water, air and sand 'have me.' Luckily for me, it's one hundred percent effective every time. I emerge from this very path with renewed energy, sense of focus and restored joy. This one is an oil on canvas 3x5 feet. Sold.

More to come..........

All images/art copyright Alan Phillips 2014