Sunday, August 24, 2014

Kind of Blue


Yes, I am a Miles Davis fan. He's one of my musical heroes.  Although the tune "So What"  is  my fav from that album.

Now as to crab I like Blue, King, Soft shell, Snow, Dungeness, Red Rock, Stone lol, did I miss any? Well I like them too. Drawn butter with garlic and lemon? Yes. Lobsters, oysters, shrimp,clams,conk, escargot, mussels?  Yes,yes,yes!

We are discussing art here and artful cuisine is as artful as it gets. Now if I get to eat my subject matter, caught by me in a cast net or trap while out fly fishing for Reds in the ICW and have the art to savor long after the table has been cleared then so much the better!

This was a 22x18 inch watercolor on board for Water's Edge Magazine. It is Sold. In addition to really digging the color of these beautiful creatures; that blue and red on the arms and claws is so intense. I liked playing with that overhead still life graphic aspect of the composition. You get so many interesting negative shapes to play off the positive.

If I have not thanked you before for checking in and checking out my art. Thank you.

More to come.......

All art and images copyright Alan Phillips 2014