Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Vanity Heading for the Light.....


Such a classic! These older cat boats just seem to groove with their purpose and they always look good in the water. I was taken with the big shape of creamy white against all that blue and the counterpoint of The Edgartown Lighthouse in the distance on Martha's Vineyard. Pictorally I also like the tension between the illusion of distance and sizes of the boat and the lighthouse to each other. It is such a smooth flow in the curve of the hull and frame of her lines.

Vanity was the name on the transom. I thought it ironic that it was tacking off the path straight to the lighthouse. My cousin and I were heading out of the harbor behind the cat in his Grady White to enjoy some time out on the water with the kids. It was a good day.

Gulls have a special place in my heart and spirit. You will see them in many of my paintings. I am very fond of Terns and specifically Caspian and Royal Terns which appear frequently as well. I regard them as fellow ocean and harbor travelers, hence friends of mine.

This is a 30x40 oil on canvas. This art is available at $4,500.00 US unframed and shipping is additional. Contact me at

More to come...

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