Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Window to the Sea


These are mostly whelks and cockels that I found on my walks along the beaches of Ponte Vedra, Neptune, Jacksonville and Atlantic beaches in Florida, USA. These are fairly old, worn and rich with character.

This oil on canvas is about 20x30 inches. It is somehow simple and majestic at the same time.

I have it on a white wall unframed in the studio. You see it through an archway. It looks as though it was always supposed to be there. That is a condition that confirms my choice. There is often a good deal of mystery and exploration for me in the art that I make and although I have a plan for each painting it's the discoveries that make it fun and interesting. Once I get it up on the wall and it still appeals to me I know I have a keeper.

The other aspects I enjoy in this piece is that even though it is a still life there is so much movement with the curved shapes against the the geometric rectangles and the rich but subtle tonal colors with textural elements. This art is available. $3,000.00 US.

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More to come....

All images and art copyright Alan Phillips 2014