Thursday, October 16, 2014

Crawdaddys,Mudbugs and a Low Country Boil Y'all.


There is something quite right about a low country boil.  I was introduced to them by my next door neighbor Lee some 18 years ago. Lee's family lived out by Fort Caroline on the water.
It may have been a birthday celebration, I don't recall the exact occasion but it was a celebration and an occasion nonetheless! Everyone had a name tag with a reference to some southern dish or a relative term to the festivities, for instance one gal's moniker read "Lady Mudbug." you get the idea. When Lee's dad mentioned that he was at a loss for a sobriquet
I laughed and replied, "Why sir you are the Crawdaddy!"

This was the first of many I enjoyed over the years. It is one of the ultimate moments of fellowship in sharing food.

I have been extraordinarily lucky in my career and back when I was the illustrator for Water's Edge Magazine I had the good fortune to have the food page every month for two years. Since I am a foodie you can imagine that I relished the idea not only to make the art for the page but to eat what I had set up as a still life. In a word, Yum!

This is a watercolor on watercolor paper  15x20 inches or so. Sold. The original price was $2,000.00

I was happy with the composition in this one, the dynamic of using as much red as this in a painting and the delicate handling of the newsprint. Meanwhile The Datl Pepper Sauce I believe was made in St. Augustine, Trinidad Sauce made in Jacksonville by my friends Carl, Mary Jane and Bobby, made local, purchased local, created local, eaten local and sold local. My kinda meal.

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More to come....

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