Thursday, October 30, 2014

An Alaskan Odyssey......

This was one of my last magazine illustrations before I formally became a gallery artist. It was a feature in Alaska Magazine. The narrative was about a family going on an annual moose hunt and the youngest child's first time joining in for it.

There were a few more illustrations that went with it but I liked the warmth and togetherness implied in these two images, not to mention a great deal of fun and wonder of being in the wild. I also got a chance to paint a grayling trout which I have yet to land but assure you I will!

It appears that one could sit back on one's haunches after climbing to that summit and breathe a deep sweet breath of amazement while surveying the valley and glassing for a bull. These were done with oils on canvas, each approximately 15x20 inches. Sold.

More to come....

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All art and images copyright Alan Phillips 2104