Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Swamp Cat....The Florida Panther


This is a Florida Panther. I have not seen one roaming the jungle down here, don't laugh I have almost stumbled upon a 12 foot gator while out shooting in the marsh trying to step over snakes! However I did meet this one at someone's home as she was a rescue and somewhat domesticated and was not at this time equipped to be released into the wild. She was wise, playful, contained, well fed  and yet you could still feel that wild 'dominant' energy of a major predatory cat.

There is something special about being in the sphere of a being so magnificent and powerful with beauty to spare. This was a piece I had done to illustrate a story in Water's Edge Magazine. It is a 15x20 inch watercolor on board it is available @ $1,500.00

This is one of the images that you will find over at Zazzle under sunnybeachman on sweatshirts,caps,mugs,smartphone holders, notecards and more.

More to come......

All art and images copyright Alan Phillips 2014