Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Tale of The Sea Turtle


There is something refreshing about seeing a turtle. In this instance a loggerhead. I have never seen an adult swimming under the ocean. I have seen many in the ponds all along the east coast, painted, box, snappers, mud,bog and I have always been treated kindly and with respect. I showed them the same.

However on one of my beach walkabouts I spied a baby loggerhead shell in the tidline. It was low tide and I was a good 400 yards from the water. This was back when I used to collect artifacts and such from the tidal treasures left on the beach. So I picked it up with great admiration and I surveyed it's markings. You must imagine my smile and delight when a little curious head popped out followed by arms and feet. Feeling that little life in my hand was sensational!

I walked down to the surf, waded in waist deep and let it swim out from my hand. What a feeling ! My young daughter might spot this creature one day in her world travels! I hope.

My friend Margi was looking at my last post of the roses and remarked, "Not only is it beautiful but I get a great sense of peace too." Thanks for that by the way.

This is the feeling that seeing great creatures in nature gives me and at least for the time being it's one of the great 'authentic' experiences for which I give thanks.

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More to come....

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