Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I bet Your Mama Was A Tent Show Queen....


I'm no school boy but I know what I like. Rolling Stones. Keith Richards is so much fun to watch and listen too. I mean Mick's vocals are a classic but there is something a little otherworldly about Keith, don't you think. Who else was going to play Jack Sparrow's dad? I mean really?

If you know me well you know I am a jazz fan through and through. I like many different kinds of music from classical to calypso. When it's time to rock though I won't stand still if there is a jammin Stones tune pumpin! Oscar Wilde woulda loved 'em. Poets and renegades to the core.

Onward with the series here of line based portraits combined on craft paper with oils, pastels and charcoal. Paper is 24" wide and this one is 36" long. $1,500.00 US plus shipping and handling.

More to come.....

All art copyright Alan Phillips 2015