Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Where There Is Light....


Can you remember where you were when you first heard Carlos Santana's guitar? It sang, it wept, it cried, it laughed and spoke of mysteries beyond the pale. It did for me. Play "Oye Coma Va." right this minute and I'll dance.

I can remember walking through The Boston Common in the early evening in the summertime and hearing those Latin and African rythms riding out on a ripple of joyful sound from a conga drum circle. You could go and sit in, you could go and dance, but mostly you could feel it in your body and those kids, high on the music and the joy of that connection had Santana to thank for introducing them to it. I thank him too.

This is charcoal, pastel, oil paint on brown craft paper. All these line pieces are are 24" inches wide and various lengths depending on the body length I have included. The longest I believe 50" inches as the paper comes on a roll. $1,500.00 US plus shipping and handling

More to come.......

All art and images copyright Alan Phillips 2014