Monday, January 12, 2015

Slim Shady to the Rescue....


There are a few music makers that I connect with immediately. Marshall Mathers was one. I was drviing around with my then 16 year old daughter with the tunes on and I went woah, who is that? She says, it's Eminem dad. I started listening closely after that. My daughter's name is Haley, though spelled different, ironic.

What I really admired is the contruction. I am a wordsmith at heart. Hearing a very good
beat and lyrics that had an intelligent narrative about the greater world we live in with all kinds of smooth transistions in phrasing and the selection of verse along with an eloquent vocabulary and of course when I was 16-20 we would have shared a similar anger. (I stopped being angry once I produced a truly beautiful painting and watching people's a very different kind of power to transform and connect with an audience)

Gil Scott Heron was a breath of fresh air while I watched the revolution not be that age.

After his initial success I wondered where there was to go....what would be fodder for his flame.

Still plenty of issues to address with rap and a style that is knowledge based, lyrical, powerful, intelligent and spot on. This was done some time ago as part of a series but to mention again I really like the line work in this series of mostly charcoal line, pastel and oil on brown craft paper. There's a kind of immediacy, don't you think? $1,500.00 US plus shipping and handling

More to come.....

All art copyright Alan Phillips 2015