Sunday, July 27, 2014

Down on the corner....


Back again today with more neighborhood oil sketch studies. Around the corner from Pete's Bar I've included what was and what is. Any body who liked a good old fashioned cheeseburger and a late night cover of The Rolling Stones by Mike Shackelford and company has fond memories of The Sun Dog Diner. I do.  So far I've had a couple of lunches at The Flying Iguana and I will be going back for more. One night I'll get down for drinks too but in the meantime I hear only good reports from my crew and I think a new legend is emerging.

Both these oil paintings on canvas are 12x16 inches and both are sold . I liked doing them for their immediacy and punch. I don't think I spent more than an hour on either of them. The idea being to keep them fresh leaving a sense of discovery. More to come....

All art copyright Alan Phillips 2014