Saturday, July 19, 2014

Those summer days...

 Remember that Sly and The Family Stone tune with the line, "I cloud nine when I want too." Of course I would like that to be playing in the background right now as I write now. I will figure that one out as I go. Taking the time to slow down at the beach is my idea of breathin easy. Cloud nine. Discovery has always been an interest in my seeking for my art, therin lies the adventure. When I am on a quiet stretch of beach and I stumble on two whelk shells like this I feel as though I have found treasure. These days I might photograph them. I do however always leave them. I ponder that they were once somebody's home and that a very sluggish creature was able to manufacture so much beauty outwardly and to protect itself at that. I appreciate with astonishment that fact that they are also perfectly engineered to their enviornment to efficiently move, capture food and work with the ebb and flow of the tides.

This one is a watercolor 9x12 inches. Sold More to come.......Make sure to check out all of my watercolor art over at Zazzle under sunnybeachman to put on hats, hoodies and holders

All images copyright Alan Phillips 2104