Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Heading out and heading up....


This was some sweet morning when I spotted this guy in his sloop in the channel down at Vilano Beach in Florida. The sweet lines of her hull just easing through the water and he, heading out and heading up to the big water.  The little pop of The St. Augustine lighthouse in the back is just plain fun as a counterpoint and I loved that shallows arc that's lighter green leading into the composition. I seem to capture moments with the American flag flowing majestically in the breeze fairly often...had to be expected, I grew up on Main Street after all and the Fourth of July parade always marched past my front door each year.

On a sunny day somewhere around the 70 degree mark standing in the cool water and heading down to St. A for breakfast after...well, still makes me smile just looking at this painting. It's a 6x4 foot oil on canvas. The price on this one is $8,000.00 US unframed
not including shipping. Contact me at

More to come.....

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