Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Needs a little work.....


Love the John Mayer tune where he sings the line, "I am in repair." Yikes, I'm familiar with that one. Here though there is always something reassuring to me about a boat that's on it's way back to the water. Perhaps it's time outside or that I do like to make things with my hands and even the satisfaction of a job well done in the quality you can see and feel once aboard and under way. As a kid I was always hanging around the boat shop or the harbor and the boatyards hoping to work a little, hoping to get out on the water. I really like the way the colors played off each other, the point and the counter point being complimentary.

This boatyard was down in St. Augustine Florida on The San Sebastian River. The title of this one is "Marching Back To Sea."  It's a 30x40 inch oil on canvas. Sold. FYI any of these that you see and are interested in are for sale just inquire with the title in an email to me unless it's sold and then we can discuss a print or giclee if you like. More to come......

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