Monday, July 28, 2014

Summertime in Southport


This oil painting on canvas is called "Anticipation" and is 36x48 inches. The location is in Southport Connecticut and from this vantage point could have been the 1800s save the powerboats in the background. The Pequot Yacht Club is just to left and is as picturesque as any club house I've seen with two red brick buildings that serve as the foundation for meetings and establishing regattas and the club's memebers and events. They also have charming little sailing dinghy races during the dead of winter! Fun.

Southport was always a refuge for me. It was like walking into history in a time when things were slower, quality of utmost importance and skill was tested against the elements to earn one's mastery.

It is sold. I have plans to feature many more harbors and beautiful wooden sloops. More to come....

All images copyright Alan Phillips 2014