Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Once upon a time.....


When I was a kid seeing this car meant one thing, fun. I t was an idea of the beach. I lived in a fairly suburban post industrial blue collar city outside of Boston. We didn't see too many of these on my street. Revere Beach was 10 to 15 miles east and I might add huge fun for me both for the nature and the amusements, the amusement of my nature and the nature of my amusements. Yes Virginia it is a real reel. That might be a story for another day or my first novel.Not to mention the roller coaster. But, back to the painting, it's oil on canvas 36x48 inches and it is sold. Please keep in mind that I can provide prices for prints if you are interested.

The spot is in Neptune Beach. The house has been painted yellow now and still looks amazing against our stretch of the Atlantic Ocean. The painting is titled "The Pink House Woody."

Thanks to all those who have sent emails or called about digging my work here on my blog. I appreciate your checking to see what's new and some of my greatest hits. More to come......

All art/images copyright Alan Phillips 2104